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Welcome, Brave Adventurers, Welcome

Wellmet. This is the Hold of what remains of the once mighty Clan Hardizand. It's surviving sons and daughters have reunited to go on one last desperate quest: Re~take and Re~establish the old manor at Grimbroar. 400 hundred yaerns have passed since the family's main home was abandoned because of its untenable position in the ongoing war with the foulspawn.

This game has only Dwarven characters. INSALA. See the Rules section for details on character creation. The main goal of the party is to find, explore and retake their familiy's old hold. They have at their disposal whatever equipment they take before the game begins. The plot has landed them deep in disputed territory, presently occupied by a nearby Human kingdom, that the Dwarves would prefer to keep neutral in the ongoing Orcish war. For more details on the known information, go to the History page.

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